Blackb0x FTP Server

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Blackb0x FTP Server
Blackb0x FTP Server
Author(s) blackb0x
Version 1.2
Type Utility

Blackb0x FTP Server allows you to connect to your PS3 from your PC via an FTP client such as FileZilla or WinSCP.


(Note the following guide is based on FileZilla. If you are using a different FTP client the steps may vary slightly.


  • Start blackb0x FTP server.
  • Note down the IP Address that appears on the screen (It should be something similar to
  • Start up your FTP client on your PC. (Use FileZilla if you haven't already got one installed)
  • In the address box type the IP address you noted down earlier.
  • Leave any username/password boxes blank.
  • Hit "Connect".

Transferring Files

  • Think of the two windows on your screen as two instances of My Computer.
  • The one of the left is your PC and the one on the right is your PS3.
  • The PS3's main HDD is called dev_hdd0 you can double click it to look inside.
  • When you want to transfer a file from your PC to PS3 navigate to that file in the left window.
  • In the right window navigate to the folder on your PS3 where you would like it to be transferred to.
  • Right click the file you would like to transfer and select "Transfer".
  • You will then see the file added to the queue and start to progress (if it is a large file it may take a while).


  • The dev_usb000 folder will appear in FTP if you have an external drive attached to the PS3.
  • Never alter any files in the dev_flash folders as you may brick your PS3.