PS3 Backup Compatibility List A

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Note: The Backup Compatibility List has been split into separate pages for easier browsing, editing and reduced server load.

This list is only for games running on a Custom Firmware (4.30 Rogero Recommended) with a Manager (Multiman 04.09.00+ Recommended). As compatibility of games across regions is virtually identical, this list does not state regions. If a game from a certain region differs from other regions it will be noted in the 'Notes' column. DLC is region locked and won't work across different versions of a game.

Note 1: BD Mirror uses the Multiman alternate external boot method. To use this load Multiman highlight the game and press Select + X. Or enable it in the game options screen in Multiman.

Note 2: If a game is verified as working and isn't, make sure to set permissions in the games properties (Accessed with triangle key)

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PS3 Backup Compatibility List A

A. Name Game ID Internal External BD-Mirror Direct Boot Ebootfix Firmware 4GB+ Game External Cache Discless Updates DLC Size (GB) Notes TrueBlue DEX BDEMU
Absolute Supercars BLES01500  ? Yes  ?  ? No 4.30 No No  ?  ?  ? 3.34 None. No
AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band BLUS30235 Yes Yes Yes  ? No 2.42 No No  ?  ?  ?  ? Require mmCM 04.04.00 with bdmirror turned on to work from internal hdd. No
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon BLES01392
Yes Yes No No Yes 3.70 No No No Yes No 7.04 Works on Kmeaw PS3 3.55 as the keys of 3.60 have been released Yes Yes
Adidas miCoach BLES01529  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 4.11  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? None. No
Afl Live BLES01038  ? Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? No  ? No  ?  ? 1.45 None. No
Afrika BLUS30399 Yes Yes Yes  ?  ? 2.76  ?  ? No  ?  ? 13.6 18.11 1.8GB mandatory install. No
Afro Samurai BLES00516
Yes Yes  ?  ?  ? 2.60
No  ? Yes Yes  ? 3.51 None. No
After Hours Athletes BCES01335 Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? 3.72  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 2.37 None. No
Agarest: Generations of War BLES00594 Yes Yes  ?  ?  ? 2.76 Yes Yes  ? Yes  ? 13.86 None. No
Agarest: Generations of War Zero BLES01305 Yes Yes  ? No Yes 3.60 No No Yes Yes  ? 14.32 Use fix. Yes
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars BLES01316
 ? Yes  ?  ? Yes 3.60
No  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? BLES01316 Modified 3.60 Ebootfix No
Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers BLES01604  ? Yes  ?  ?  ? 4.21 No  ?  ? No  ? 3.20 None. No
Alice: Madness Returns BLES01265
Yes Yes No No Yes 3.60 No No No No No 4.2 Duplex fix works with US and EU even though nfo says US. TB not needed. Yes
Aliens Vs. Predator BLES00585
Yes Yes  ?  ?  ? 3.01 No  ? Yes Yes  ? 5.96 6.41 None. No
Alone in the Dark: Inferno BLES00422
Yes Yes No Yes Yes 2.42 No No Yes No No 5.62 3.9GB mandatory install. Direct boot uses a different directory for data install. No
Alpha Protocol BLES00704
Yes Yes Yes  ?  ? 3.15 No  ? No  ?  ? 5 None. No
Anarchy Reigns BLES01232 Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? 4.30 Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? 12.3 None. No
Angry Birds Trilogy BLES01732 Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? 3.55 No  ?  ?  ?  ? 1.97 None. No
Apache: Air Assault BLES00937
Yes Yes Yes  ?  ? 3.50  ?  ? Yes  ?  ? 1.67 Require mmCM 04.04.00 with bdmirror turned on to work from internal hdd. No
Ape Escape On The Move BCAS20159
Yes Yes  ?  ?  ? 3.50
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 2.21 None. No
Aquanaut's Holiday: Hidden Memories BCAS20064
 ? Yes  ?  ?  ? 2.50
No  ?  ?  ?  ? 2.6 None. No
Ar Tonelico III BLJS10075 Yes Yes No  ?  ? 3.01 No No Yes Yes  ? 22.8 Installs 5GB. No
Ar Tonelico Qoga Knell of Ar Ciel BLES01102
Yes Yes No  ?  ? 3.55 Yes No Yes Yes  ? 21.21 Installs 5GB. No
Arcana Heart 3 BLES01295
Yes No  ?  ?  ? 3.60
 ?  ? No  ?  ? 2.5 EU version (BLES01295) is 3.60 Doesn't work. No
Armored Core: For Answer BLJM55005
Yes Yes No Yes Yes 2.50
No No Yes No No 13.9 Game loads, tutorial is playable, but hangs the PS3 when starting the first mission. First mission hang fixed if using "select+x" option on multiman. <- (Confirmed with 3.41 on Mult 02.00.05), Game runs fine from HDD, but direct booting from either HDD or USB causes the game to run in SD mode. Rename PS3_GAME\USRDIR\bin to PS3_GAME\USRDIR\bind No
Armored Core 4 BLES00039
No Yes No See Note Yes 1.70
No No No No No 14.5 Note About "Internal": The game will appear to work fine at first, and may even issue an update notice or two, but as soon as the "FROM Software" logo finishes displaying, the game will go to a "black screen"; it must be run externally. Rename PS3_GAME\USRDIR\bin to PS3_GAME\USRDIR\bind (EUR version only) then with disc in let game black screen from 1-3 minutes then game will start ; Direct Boot only works for external and forces the game into SD mode. No
Armored Core V BLAS50448
Yes Yes  ? No Yes 4.01
No Yes Yes Yes Yes  ? EXEtrimALL eboot patch available for BLES & N0DRM 1.01 EU Yes
Army of Two BLES00168
Yes See Note No No  ? 2.01 No  ? Yes Yes  ? 4.50 Doesn't work discless from external. Works fine discless from internal. No
Army of Two: The 40th Day BLES00659
Yes Yes No Yes No 3.01 No  ? Yes Yes  ? 4.38 Doesn't work discless from external. Some US copies will freeze on the 2nd mission "Descent" (get EU version). No
Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard BLES00772  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 3.01  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? None. No
Ashes Cricket 2009 BLES00639 Yes Yes  ? Yes Yes 2.76 No  ? Yes  ?  ? 2.27 None. No
Assassin's Creed BLES00158
Yes Yes Yes No Yes 1.94 No  ? Yes Yes No 7.63 Works fine from external USB. 1.37GB mandatory install. Install update.pkg and create ASSASSIN_ISO folder in USRDIR to play. On Internal only works with the BD Mirror option. You can install the 7.8 go AC from the ACR, it works without any patch or fix No
Assassin's Creed II BLES00669
Yes Yes No No  ? 3.01
No  ? Yes Yes Yes 16.2 Create ASSASSIN_ISO folder in USRDIR to play. Delete language folders in USRDIR/videos folder you dont need for over 7GB of space. MI 1.7GB. No
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood BLES00909
Yes Yes Yes No No 3.41 No Yes Yes Yes Yes 7.5 download latest update.Create ASSASSIN_ISO folder in USRDIR to play. Without disk you get no sound. PAL version updates and works online. Install XMB PKG for Discless internal, Also Be carefully Because it can Corrup your HDD (even External and erase your Games if u Play it without a Disc in your ps3, Do not Delete other Languages while playing with internal or you will get error. No
Assassin's Creed: Revelations BLES01466
Yes Yes Yes No Yes 3.72 See Note  ? Yes  ?  ? 15.6 Use N0DRM 1.04 update. 7.8GB w/o AC 1. There is a +4gb INSTALL.PKG that is 7.62gb in the PKGDIR\PKG00 Dir. MI 3811MB..desmond's journey wont work with DUPLEX fix. Yes Yes
Assassin's Creed III BLES01667 Yes Yes Yes  ?  ? 4.21 Yes  ? Yes Yes Yes 11.4 Update 1.01 works. Use DUPLEX fix for 3.55. MI: 4431mb For unknown reasons the game installs DATA and SAVES as BLUS30991 when diskless and BLES01667 with BD inserted. No Yes
Assassin's Creed III Special Edition BLES01668 Yes Yes No  ? Yes 4.21 No  ? Yes  ?  ? 10.8 black screen about 2 minutes from external usb,use darkebootfixer v5.0 to fix folder file + EP0001-BLES01668_00-AC3TITLEUPDATE10,3 gb mandatory install . No
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag BLES01882
Yes Yes Yes  ?  ? 4.46  ?  ? Yes Yes Yes 8.46 Needs "BD Mirror" in Multiman. Update 1.01 works. Use EBOOT fix for 3.55. Make empty dir /PS3_GAME/USRDIR/ASSASSIN_ISO. Download Assassins.Creed.IV.Black.Flag.All.DLC.Unlocker.PS3-DUPLEX to unlock all DLCs No Yes
Assassin's Creed : Rogue BLUS31465 Yes  ? Yes  ?  ? 4.65 No  ? Yes  ?  ? 6.52 Works on Rogero 4.50, needs disc inserted (or IRIS manager) or won't have sound (speech)  ? Yes
Asura's Wrath BLES01227
No Yes  ? No Yes 3.73 No Yes Yes Yes Yes 7.15 US version works with Ebootfix. BDEMU Tested BLUS30721 Yes Yes
Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland BLES01593
 ? Yes  ? Yes Yes 4.11
No No Yes No  ?  ? Use N0DRM Eboot fix. Mandatory installation. Yes
Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland BLES01030
Yes Yes  ?  ?  ? 3.42
No No Yes No  ?  ?
Installs 1GB. No
Atelier Totori: Alchemist of Arland 2  ? Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes No Yes 3.2 None. No
Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland BLJM60241
 ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 3.30
No  ?  ? Yes  ? 4.35 Requires 3.66 Yes
Avatar BLES00667
Yes Yes No  ? No 3.01 No No No  ?  ? 3.6 2.6GB mandatory installation. No

Please don't put "No" to everything for games that Eboot fix is not available. Leave it blank and only fill in information such as Name, Game ID, Size, 4GB+ Game and Firmware. Key:
Name: The name of the game, make sure it isn't already in the list. e.g. Timeshift
Game ID: Unique game ID. Use <br/> to create line breaks between regions. Look up an unknown game ID.
Internal: Does the game work from the internal hard drive? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
External: Does the game work from an external hard drive? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
BD-Mirror: Does the game work with multiMAN's BD-Mirror feature, like [SELECT]+[X]? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Direct Boot: Does the game work with multiMAN's Direct Boot feature? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Ebootfix: Does the game work when using Ebootfix.exe to make a package and using multiMAN to make shadow copy. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Firmware: Firmware version needed to run the game
4GB+ Game: The game has a file(s) whose size is larger than 4GB? {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Discless: Does the game work without a disc in the drive? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Updates: Do online updates work? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
DLC: Does DLC work? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Size: Size of the game on the hard drive in GB e.g. 16.5
Notes: What you might want to say about how you got the game running from internal, etc. e.g. None.
TrueBlue: Game works with TrueBlue dongle and PARADOX game patch (3.55 and lower FW games don't need patch), currently NO games with 4gb+ file(s)will work on external, current CFW v2 UPDATE v2.4 (BD-Mirror shouldn't be selected in Multiman, update will automatically do it when needed).

Do not put what version of multiMAN you tested on (all use the same mount code) in the comments or include any info that is already in the table (for example, don't put "use select + x" when the the alternate ext. column already says that is needed.


| Red Dead Redemption || BLES00680<br/>BLJM60265<br/>BLUS30711 || {{yes}} || {{no}} || ? || ? || {{yes}} || {{yes}} || ? || 7.67GB || None.File:Example.jpg