PS3 Backup Compatibility List G

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Note: The Backup Compatibility List has been split into separate pages for easier browsing, editing and reduced server load.

This list is only for games running on a Custom Firmware (4.30 Rogero Recommended) with a Manager (Multiman 04.09.00+ Recommended). As compatibility of games across regions is virtually identical, this list does not state regions. If a game from a certain region differs from other regions it will be noted in the 'Notes' column. DLC is region locked and won't work across different versions of a game.

Note 1: BD Mirror uses the Multiman alternate external boot method. To use this load Multiman highlight the game and press Select + X. Or enable it in the game options screen in Multiman.

Note 2: If a game is verified as working and isn't, make sure to set permissions in the games properties (Accessed with triangle key)

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PS3 Backup Compatibility List G

G. Name Game ID Internal External BD-Mirror Direct Boot Ebootfix Firmware 4GB+ Game External Cache Discless Updates DLC Size (GB) Notes TrueBlue DEX BDEMU
Game of Thrones BLUS30939 BLES01580 Yes Yes No No Yes 4.11 No Yes No No No 3.2 None. Yes
G.I. JOE The Rise Of Cobra BLUS-30326  ? Yes  ?  ? No 2.76 No  ?  ?  ?  ? 6.9 None. No
Genji: Days of the Blade BCES00002 Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes  ?  ? 12.4 None. No
Generator Rex Providence Agent BLES01271  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 3.72 No  ?  ?  ?  ? 4.18 None. No
Get Up And Dance BLES01338  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 3.70  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 15.6 No
Ghostbusters BLUS30307 Yes Yes Yes Yes  ? 2.60 No No Yes Yes  ? 12.6 Direct boot if resume career option disappears on reboot. No
God of War III BCES00510
Yes Yes  ? No  ? 3.15 No  ? No Yes No 39.9 Possible slowdown on external drive. Delete PS3_CONTENT directory, and BONUS*.M2V/.XVAG to free 13.3GB of diskspace. No Yes
God of War Ascension BCUS98232
Yes Yes No No 3.55/4.20 4.31 Yes Yes No 1.01-1.03
Update 1.03 fixing the difficulty in Trial of Archimedes
 ? BCUS98232: 44.1GB
BCES01741: 34.8GB
Fix for playing External Completely without mM cache:  ?
God of War Collection BCUS98229
Yes Yes No No  ? 3.01
Yes Yes Yes Yes  ? 15.2 BCES00791 - delete the D01-D05 directories in the PS3_CONTENT\VIDEODIR directory to save 4GB of non-English (ie: French, Italian, German etc.) bonus video clips. UPDATE: I experienced this so it may help others. In case it returns to XMB without any errors when you enter the game, go and set your Display Resolution to 720p if you're on 1080i/1080p and it will work. No
God of War Collection Volume II BCES01277 Yes No No No No 3.66 No No No  ?  ? 16.5 As separated releases from DUPLEX it is possible to install Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta as pkg. This works absolutely fine under 3.55. No
God of War: Origins Collection BCUS98289 Yes No No No No 3.66 Yes No No No No 22.38 Requires 3.66, DATA000.MP4 is 5.70GB. Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus can be played individually by DUPLEX. No
Golden Axe: Beast Rider BLES00391 See Note Yes Yes  ? No 2.42 No No No Yes  ? 6.97 Internal does not work, requires BD-Mirror mode to load. update to 1.01 to get it working from internal HDD on 3.55 CFW No
Gran Turismo 5 BCES00569 BCUS98114 Yes Yes No  ?  ? 3.50 Yes Yes Yes See Note  ? 19.0 Can delete 7GB MOVIE folder in USRDIR. Use in-game options menu to delete already installed files and prevent further installation. 2nd op (What does '2nd op' mean?)- does not work discless. Update works until 1.09, 1.10 asks for 3.60 FW. (US version 1.00 works fine internal) No Yes
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue BCES00104 Yes Yes  ?  ?  ? 2.16 No Yes Yes No  ? 5.75 None. No
Gran Turismo 6 BCUS98296 Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? 3.55 Yes Yes Yes No  ? 14.5 None.  ?

Grand Theft Auto IV BLES00229 Yes Yes  ? Yes  ? 2.17 No  ? No Yes  ? 10.2 Copy to internal with Multiman,Fix permissions,Direct Boot/Internal-Game Installs Data No
Grand Theft Auto IV BLUS30127 Yes Yes See Note See Note See Note 2.17 No  ? No Yes  ? 10.2 Copy to internal with MultiMan and fix permissions.
Without 1.06 Update - Direct Boot/Internal; will install game data.
With 1.06 update: Internal/BD-Mirror; you will have to resign the update Eboot.bin with this specific TrueAncestor config:
(For Ebootfix to work for either, you MUST change the packages's content ID and title ID to a dummy ID when creating the NPDRM package - I used BLUS99999)
Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition BLES00229 Yes Yes No Yes  ?  ? No  ? Yes Yes  ? 18.0 Can be played internally with fix. No
Grand Theft Auto V BLES01807 Yes Yes  ?  ? Yes 4.46 No  ? Yes No  ? 17.4 It installs 8GB of game data. DUPLEX release includes a fixed 3.40 eboot, compatible with CFW >3.40  ?
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City BLUS30524 No Yes Yes Yes  ? 3.15 No  ? Yes No No 8 2.8GB MI. Works on External same speed as disc play. Install PKG for discless internal No
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City BLES00887 No Yes No No No 3.15 No No No No No 8 None. No
Grease Dance BLES01410  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 3.70 No  ?  ?  ?  ? 2.45 None. No
Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters BLES01116 Yes Yes  ?  ? No 3.60 No  ?  ?  ?  ? 4 Replace eboot.bin Yes
GRID 2 BLES01855 Yes No Yes  ? No 4.40 No  ?  ?  ?  ? 5.4 Use BDEMU if on external.  ?
Guitar Hero: 5 BLES00576 Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?  ? No  ? Yes  ?  ? 6.59 None. No
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith  ? Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes Yes  ? 4.73 None. No
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock BLUS30074
Yes Yes  ? Yes  ? 1.93 No  ? Yes Yes  ? 5.61 None. No
Guitar Hero: Metallica BLUS30257 Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes  ?  ? 7.6 None. No
Guitar Hero: Smash Hits BLUS30290 Yes Yes  ?  ?  ? 2.60  ?  ? Yes  ?  ? 3.81 None. No
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock BLUS-30487 Yes Yes  ?  ?  ? 3.30 No  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? None. No
Guitar Hero: World Tour BLUS30164 Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes Yes  ? 7.1 None. No
Gundam Musou 3 (BLJM60300)  ? Yes Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 7.5 None. No
Gundam: Extreme VS BLJS10131  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? Yes  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? require 3.7+ Yes

Please don't put "No" to everything for games that Eboot fix is not available. Leave it blank and only fill in information such as Name, Game ID, Size, 4GB+ Game and Firmware. Key:
Name: The name of the game, make sure it isn't already in the list. e.g. Timeshift
Game ID: Unique game ID. Use <br/> to create line breaks between regions. Look up an unknown game ID.
Internal: Does the game work from the internal hard drive? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
External: Does the game work from an external hard drive? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
BD-Mirror: Does the game work with multiMAN's BD-Mirror feature, like [SELECT]+[X]? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Direct Boot: Does the game work with multiMAN's Direct Boot feature? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Ebootfix: Does the game work when using Ebootfix.exe to make a package and using multiMAN to make shadow copy. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Firmware: Firmware version needed to run the game
4GB+ Game: The game has a file(s) whose size is larger than 4GB? {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Discless: Does the game work without a disc in the drive? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Updates: Do online updates work? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
DLC: Does DLC work? e.g. {{yes}}, {{no}} or ?
Size: Size of the game on the hard drive in GB e.g. 16.5
Notes: What you might want to say about how you got the game running from internal, etc. e.g. None.
TrueBlue: Game works with TrueBlue dongle and PARADOX game patch (3.55 and lower FW games don't need patch), currently NO games with 4gb+ file(s)will work on external, current CFW v2 UPDATE v2.4 (BD-Mirror shouldn't be selected in Multiman, update will automatically do it when needed).

Do not put what version of multiMAN you tested on (all use the same mount code) in the comments or include any info that is already in the table (for example, don't put "use select + x" when the the alternate ext. column already says that is needed.


| Red Dead Redemption || BLES00680<br/>BLJM60265<br/>BLUS30711 || {{yes}} || {{no}} || ? || ? || {{yes}} || {{yes}} || ? || 7.67GB || None.